Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Another Opportunity to Participate in Online Research

For Mental Health Information

Survey on male and female attitudes and practices related to the clitoris

Conducted by Innovations Relationship and Sexuality Relationship Counseling Services:  Excerpts provided below.  The researchers are currently recruiting male participants.

We are undertaking a sexuality research, titled: "A cross cultural study of male and female attitudes and practices related to the clitoris," as part of the our doctoral studies at the American Academy of Clinical Sexologists in Orlando, Florida.

This study will be centered on four cultural groups, namely Caucasians and African-Americans living in North America, Hispanics (specifically  Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic), and the English speaking Caribbean. It will focus on men and women between the ages of 20 and 60 who are currently sexually active in heterosexual relationships. .  .

Please choose either the male or female questionnaire based on your sex. The choice of questionnaires should appear once you point your cursor to the survey tab. There will be 18 statements on the female questionnaire and 17 on the male questionnaire. There are two types of statements in each questionnaire. One type will ask you to select from the provided answers, the one which best describes your attitude or practice. The other type will ask you to check as many of the statements that apply from a list of suggested responses. Please make sure to respond to ALL statements. . .

Please be assured that 
there is no way for us to identify your questionnaire once you submit it.

Your participation will make it possible for us to gather data for this study of human sexual behavior. 

If you are interested in learning the results of the survey, please contact us at info@innovationsrscs.com.  

Thanks in advance for taking the time to complete this survey.   

Here is the link to the page http://www.innovationsrscs.com/survey.html