Sunday, March 3, 2013

Change is a Process: Where are you now?

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It has been three months since many of us resolved to do things differently in the New Year; so, where are you with those goals that you set for yourself?  

Are you in the full swing of things are you just kind of limping along?  

Chances are the answer is, "it depends on the hour, day, week."   

Perhaps you have periods of time where you are really actively engaging in the new behaviors.  There may also be those days where it seems like you are at the bottom of a very steep hill wondering how you will have the energy to make your way up. 

Both of these experiences are commonplace when trying to change behavior. Remember that as you are trying to change behavior there may be many fits and starts, so don't despair.

Conduct a Self Assessment


Whether you are right on schedule with the implementation of your new behaviors or woefully "behind" on your goals,  this may be a good time to assess where you are in the process of change.   
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Taking a realistic look at where you are can help you identify supportive strategies to take another step towards your goals.  


If you have veered off track by returning to self destructive or unhealthy behaviors, a self assessment can help you determine the likely causes of your derailment and help you chart a course for returning to your desired behaviors. 

Alternatively, if you have been achieving the milestones set at the beginning of the year, a self assessment can help you keep track of your accomplishments as well as determine what impending obstacles could thwart your efforts.

For Mental Health Information
As a start, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Were the goals I set at the beginning of the year realistic?
  • Are there people, who may be contributing to my success and/or failure?

  • Are my thought or attitudes about change hindering or furthering my goals? 

If you are having a difficult time with honest self appraisal, a trusted support person or support network can be instrumental.    

Where ever you may be in your change process, compassion for yourself at this point in your journey is important for moving forward.